Revelation Part 2

revelation #2 keeping the main thing the main thing

As I've continued to dig deeper into of the book/letter/vision that is the apocalypse -- revelation of Jesus I've re-discovered something that's pretty amazing. It's not something that you get by just reading the popular books or watching the cable network shows of the so called end time experts. In fact, if I just listened to their cable shows and/or read their books I could easily have come to a completely opposite observation. Permit me some time to vent before I share my re-discovery.

If one were to spend time reading the stuff from the prophecy self at the local Christian bookstore one could easily think that the main things in the book/letter/vision of Revelation are timelines, beasts, wars, destruction, antichrist, and judgment. Don't get me wrong, all those things do in fact appear in the book/letter/vision but they aren't the main things. In our society preoccupied with all things spectacular I can see how the 3 D's of doom, destruction, and death elbow their way to the front of the main thing line. 

Even Hollywood has jumped into the action. Have you seen what's coming out of Hollywood lately? The hottest movies of the day all have a similar theme -- Armageddon, (the end of the world as we know it). The end-time destruction of the world genre is so hot, in tinsel town right now that USA Today recently wrote a story on how Hollywood is in love with movies that depict the end of the world, as we know it. 

--"Studios will be destroying the Earth -- or at least much of its populace -- in a spate of films headed to theaters soon. The Happening, which opens Friday, sees much of the Northeast killed off in M. Night Shyamalan's thriller. The Road, adapted from Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, stars Viggo Mortensen as a father who tries to guide his son to safety through a world burned to ash. It arrives Nov. 26.  Last year's I Am Legend, with Will Smith as one of the planet's last inhabitants, raked in $256 million." -USAToday--

If I didn't know any better I would think that the barons of Hollywood are getting their script material from the Revelation fear mongers on our side of the street. 

There are some important characters and happenings in the book/letter/vision of Revelation. For instance, the beast is important and is mentioned 37 times...the throne of God is important - 41 mentions...the angels are mentioned 71 times, but, Jesus is mentioned more then anyone else. He's given a plethora of names like, the Son of Man, the Lamb, and the Rider on the White Horse because (and here's my rediscovery), JESUS -- is MAIN THING. To miss the main thing of Revelation in the middle of a quest to unearth its, who, what, when, where, how and why is like taking a trip to Washington DC and being oblivious to the fact that you are in the nation's capitol or being in Hollywood and zoning out on movie and television entertainment thing.

Jesus IS the reveal in every action packed scene and scenario. He's the one who brings hope...he's the one who keeps promises...he's the one who reclaims, recycles, renews, reuses, re-creates, and renovates. He's on every page and chapter. You can see him in every vision and hear him in every pronouncement. He's the object of every scene of real worship and the ONE who IS, WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE. This is how Jesus says it: I'm A to Z, the First and the Final, Beginning and Conclusion. If you spend any time in John's great book/letter/vision and miss Jesus the main thing you miss the revelation. 

Don't miss JESUS-the great reveal of Revelation. -james-hey-ii

Posted by James Heyward at 8:55 PM