Women's Conference

What if we knew we could never be unfriended? Would we risk friendship then?

In a world where women can unfriend each other with the swipe of a finger, how do we find friendships that we can trust to last? By taking heart in the most faithful friend who ever lived—Jesus— and by becoming those kinds of lasting friends ourselves. Join author and speaker Lisa-Jo Baker and Calvary Church for

Never Unfriended
Women's Half-Day Conference

Saturday, March 14, 2020
9 AM – 1 PM
$20 presale//$25 at the door
Lunch included

Lisa-Jo Baker: As the community manager at the website incourage.me since 2010, Lisa-Jo Baker has had the chance to engage hundreds of conversations with women about friendship. She’s learned that no one can make us quite as unsure about ourselves as another woman. And nothing can wound as deeply as unkind words from a friend. While we are all hungry for friendship, it’s the fear of feeling awkward and being rejected, left out, or hurt (again) that often keep us from connecting.

Lisa-Jo lives just outside Washington, DC, with her husband and their three very loud kids, where she connects, encourages and champions women in person and online through her honest take on life and her ability to laugh at herself and learn out loud from her mistakes. She is the author of Surprised by Motherhood as well as the Bible Study We Saved You a Seat; the creator of The Temper Toolkit; and her writings have been syndicated from New Zealand to New York including on Huffington Post Parents, BlogHer, Desert News, Focus on the Family, Stroller Traffic, iVillage, OH Baby!, the Power of Moms, and Christianity.com.

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