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Eduardo Del Valle

Youth Minister

Eduardo was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. He got interested in the military following his father’s stories and experience during WWII with the US Army, and joined the Civil Air Patrol Aux of the US Air Force. He was accepted in the University of Puerto Rico and was a P.E. Major. He decided to join the US Coast Guard back in the mid 80’s. It was during the time in college that Eduardo committed his life to Christ. Even though he has always believed in the existence of God, he rarely went to church during his youth. He was born again on October 16th, 1983 during his second year of college. During the last years of service Eduardo was stationed on a Coast Guard Air Base in Puerto Rico where he flew C-130 as aircrew and drop master.

Eduardo’ s experience as a church leader started back in the early 90’s upon his return to college. He became a small group leader, small groups zone supervisor, church Elder, youth pastor, and eventually became the evangelist of the church. He also became the co-founder/school principal of a K-12 School based on his church’s facilities at that time, after having taught in public school as an English teacher for 3 years. He later went to graduate school and finished a Masters of Arts in school psychology and completed a year-long internship in Prince George's County Public Schools. He also had plenty of experience in clinical settings while in Puerto Rico.

Eduardo currently works in the District of Columbia Public Schools as a counselor. He also serves as a locally-licensed minister at Calvary Church of Annandale and lead the teens and the men's Life Group.

His mission is to share the love of Christ with as many people as possible.


Lay Leadership

Director of Life Groups- Lesley Dennis
Director of Outreach- Morgan Brown
Directors of Global Missons- Rema Needels, Tom Rose
Director of Children's Ministry- Tom Rose
Events Team Leads- Lyssa Michels, Bunni Cooper
Prayer Team Leads- Doreen Trammell, Trudy Poole
Helping Hands Team Lead- Linda Adkins


Church Board Members

Morgan Brown
Rema Needels (Nazarene Missions International)
Steve Needels
Ruth Orem
Tom Rose
Alejandra Sorto
Doreen Trammell (Secretary)
Clint Waybright