Our Leadership

Meet Our Staff

Abraham Castillo

Worship Leader

Abraham Isaias Castillo was born in Hoboken, NJ on April 28, 1982 and raised in West New York, NJ. He moved to Montgomery County in Maryland over 20 years ago. He is one of four siblings (claims to be his mom’s favorite child), raised in the church and musically influenced by his family at an early age.

Leading worship when he was just 18 years old, Abraham has dedicated his talents to the glory of God. He led worship in Spanish until he recently began to worship in English and was thrilled at the opportunity to become Calvary’s Worship Pastor.

Abraham is happily married to his wife, Debbie. They are parents to four “out-of-this-world children”: Lailah, Caleb, Lucas and Aleia. They currently live in Gaithersburg, MD.

“My passion to worship comes from God – NEVER taking a day off for us. Worship should be our 24/7 response to give Him thanks and honor Him for who He is… God and God Alone.”

“Every Sunday, our focus is to exalt Christ through song and sharing of the Gospel. All of our songs are full of Biblical truth and Christ-centered worship… there is simply no other way to do it. It is a true honor and privilege to lead us all in worship, week-in and week-out.”


Lay Leadership

Director of Life Groups- Lesley Dennis
Director of Outreach- Morgan Brown
Directors of Global Missons- Rema Needels, Tom Rose
Director of Children's Ministry- Tom Rose
Events Team Leads- Lyssa Michels, Bunni Cooper
Prayer Team Leads- Doreen Trammell, Trudy Poole
Helping Hands Team Lead- Linda Adkins


Church Board Members

Morgan Brown
Rema Needels (Nazarene Missions International)
Steve Needels
Ruth Orem
Tom Rose
Alejandra Sorto
Doreen Trammell (Secretary)
Clint Waybright