Our Leadership

Meet Our Staff

Pamm Fontana

Pastor of Administration and Discipleship

Pamm spent her childhood living in a variety of places: South Dakota, Texas, Turkey, California, and Northern Virginia. After all of that moving, she claimed she would never move again. Then she became a pastor and decided it was important to go wherever God called her. However, she was thrilled when God called her to Calvary and she could stay in Northern Virginia.

Pamm holds an AA in Liberal Arts from Northern Virginia Community College and BA from Georgetown University with a double-major in English and Classical Studies. She is currently working on a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry through Fuller Theological Seminary. She was ordained as a pastor through Church of God (Anderson), a fellow to Church of the Nazarene in the Wesleyan/Holiness tradition. Pamm has over a decade of pastoral experience in strategic leadership, volunteer empowerment, multi- media communication, and preaching. Children’s Ministry played a huge part in Pamm’s call to ministry. She spent 5 years as a volunteer and 8 years on staff at another church ministering to over 1,500 kids across that time. She now gets to live out children’s ministry 24/7 as the mom to three boys. She is married to Dave.

At Calvary, as pastor for administration, Pamm helps the church to have a strong foundation for growth. As pastor for discipleship, she empowers Calvary's ministry directors to lead individuals to grow deep in their faith.


Lay Leadership

Director of Life Groups- Frannie Bell
Director of Outreach- Morgan Brown
Directors of Global Missons- Rema Needels, Tom Rose
Director of Children's Ministry- Tom Rose
Events Team Leads- Lyssa Michels, Bunni Cooper
Prayer Team Leads- Doreen Trammell, Trudy Poole
Helping Hands Team Lead- Linda Adkins


Church Board Members

Morgan Brown
Rema Needels (Nazarene Missions International)
Steve Needels
Ruth Orem
Tom Rose
Alejandra Sorto
Doreen Trammell (Secretary)
Clint Waybright