Life Groups

All gatherings and ministries have moved online during the COVID-19 outbreak including Life Groups. We'd love to connect with you during this time, so explore the website, drop us a line at, or call 703-573-4200. Here is a list of when our groups typically meet (disregard the physical locations for this time.)



  • Life Groups at Calvary exist to help you Be Known, Know Others, and Know God.
  • All Life Groups have four major functions: fellowship together, utilize Scripture, pray for each other, and serve together.
  • Life Groups are made up of 5-15 members, have a place and time to meet regularly, are guided by a facilitator committed to being spiritually and emotionally sound, and as a ministry of Calvary Church are accountable to church leadership and vision.

While all groups share the above qualities, each group develops its own style. Here is a list of open groups and a bit about them:

Thursday Night online This group started as a young adult/career group and retains some of that flavor but is open to all. They are currently a very small group. Recent study: Apostles Creed (video series)

Wednesday Night, Men in Annandale This is a men’s group. Men of different ages and stages focus on Bible study, conversation, accountability, and social outings. Recent study: Revelations

Thursday Night, Women in Annandale home This is a women’s group. Women of different ages and stages participate in study, prayer and confession, and social outings. Recent study: 1st and 2nd Peter

Thursday Daytime in Annandale home Includes men and women, mostly retirees, but not exclusively. Recent study: Genesis

Sunday Morning in Annandale Variety of married and single adults who love lively conversation. Recent study: Nazarene Home Group study on The Book of James

Rotating Day and Location: Rotates between Sunday nights in Annandale, Friday nights in Alexandria home, and social events. Members can participate in study meetings in-person or via online video connection. Versatile in age and stage from new parents to empty-nesters. Young kids are included in social gatherings and may toddle around study sessions. Recent Study: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (a series of stand-alone lessons focused on things like Holy Communion, prayer, etc.)

Contact for more information, get connected, or inquire about forming groups.