Top 5

Calvary's Top 5 Ways to Serve

September 2020



Help worshippers follow along with songs and Scripture. Run our slide system, Pro-Presenter, during Sunday morning worship.

Great for those who are attentive, have technical intuition, and some
experience with slide projection 
programs. Training largely occurs
during pre-service worship rehearsal at 8:50am the day you serve. Serve one or more Sunday mornings per month



Prepare our worship auditorium for the service to be seen and heard with excellence. Set the stage with microphones, mics stands, music stands, cords, etc.

Great for someone who is an early riser, able to carry or move medium-heavy items, and attentive to details. Serve one or more Sunday mornings per month arriving at 8am. Individuals, couples, and families with teens are welcome.



Bless Calvary with a space that is clean, healthy, and ready to welcome our ministry partners. Wipe down multi-touch surfaces with provided cleaners after service.

Great for self-starters who are
physically able to perform light cleaning. Serve one or more Sunday mornings per month for fifteen minutes after service. Instructions provided ahead of time.


Social Media

Keep people in-the-loop about what is happening at Calvary. Serve from home creating mid-week posts on social media.

Great for those familiar with Facebook with strong written communication skills. Content for posts is typically provided. Serve on a flexible schedule from


Prayer Intercessor

Cover Calvary with the power of prayer. Serve from anywhere while praying over our people, ministries, events, etc.

Great for with a prayer life that involves  confessing their sins to the Lord before interceding and asking the Holy Spirit what they should be praying for during their prayer time. Serve on a flexible schedule. Guidance provided.


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